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PRP & Stem Cell Therapies

I have been seeing Dr. Rubin for about two years and I can't begin to tell you the difference that he has made. I was…read more

Mellisa T.

I was experiencing severe right sciatic pain, and a severe vice-like stabbing in my right calf, from multiple lumber herniated discs putting pressure on my…read more

David R.

Dr Rubin has given me a new lease on life. He is patient, kind, and very understanding and he is a very good listener. But…read more

Leah F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Rubin for the last two years. He is both an extremely competent pain management professional and a doctor…read more

Ann C.

I went to different doctors for the last 14 years with no success at all, and Dr. Rubin made me pain free for the first…read more

Kevin F.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a regenerative technique whereEd Rubin MD PRP and Stem Cell Therapyby your body’s own healing substances are separated from your blood and injected back into your body at the point of the tissue damage causing you pain. Inside your platelets and plasma are chemicals that promote healing within your body. For instance, if you cut your arm, over the course of weeks your body will heal and repair the tissues.

A PRP injection is performed by drawing your own blood and then spinning it a centrifuge right in our office to separate out the platelets and th
e plasma. The PRP is then typically injected back into a joint in order to kick start the healing process and start joint regeneration and reduce pain.

Typically, patients begin to see improvement in 2-3 weeks. Additional treatments may be warranted, occasionally up to 3 total treatments. Relief can last upwards of 3 years and beyond in our experience.

Stem Cell Therapy

Are Stem Cell injections right for you?

Do you have chronic knee, hip or shoulder pain? Bursitis, Osteoarthritis, Hip Arthritis, Tendinitis, Avascular Necrosis, or a Muscle Tear? Stem Cell injections may be able to alleviate your pain.

Stem cell injections are fast, easy to administer under ultrasound guidance in the office, and contain no addictive ingredients. They are FDA approved

Stem Cell injections also have powerful anti-inflammatory effects, which will also help reduce pain. They also can help regulate your immune system.

Where do the stem cells come from?

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are collected from cord blood and processed to remove all blood products associated with rejection. The stem cells are injected under ultrasound guidance.

How do the stems cells know where to regenerate what part of the body that needs repairs?

Mesenchymal stem cells can differentiate into tissues, cartilage cells, and bone cells. How? Injured cells in your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective joints send out biochemical signals. Mesenchymal stem cells respond to those signals, search for the injured tissue and starts releasing proteins that nourish and stimulate your own cells to begin regenerating. The stem cells stimulate your own damaged cells’ regenerative potential to restore your tissue, eliminate your pain, and revive your range of movement.

We offer several different products

  1. GeneXstem
  2. ExoFlo 


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