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Sacroiliac Joint Injection

What is Sacroiliac Joint Injection?

The sacroiliac joint is located in the lower part of your spine and connects your spine to the pelvis. Sometimes, inflammation or dysfunction in this joint can lead to pain. A Sacroiliac Joint Injection is a procedure where a local anesthetic and a corticosteroid are injected into the joint to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain.

What Can It Treat?

The Sacroiliac Joint Injection is an effective treatment for conditions such as:

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: An abnormal movement of the sacroiliac joint.

Inflammation: Conditions such as arthritis may lead to inflammation in the joint.

Post Lumbar sacral fusion pain: After lumbosacral fusion, added stress may result on the SI joint, which can be associated with sacroiliac joint pain.

How Is It Administered?

Here’s a brief overview of how the injection is administered:

Preparation: The patient lies on their stomach. The area around the joint is cleaned and numbed with a local anesthetic.

Guidance: I often use X-ray or ultrasound guidance to ensure precise placement of the needle into the joint.

Injection: A mixture of a corticosteroid (to reduce inflammation) and a local anesthetic (to numb the area) is carefully injected into the joint.

Aftercare: Most patients are able to go home shortly after the procedure, with instructions for care and follow-up.

What Are the Risks?

Like all medical procedures, Sacroiliac Joint Injections carry some risks, though they are generally rare. These might include:

Infection: Though uncommon, infections may occur at the injection site.

Bleeding: Patients on blood-thinning medications may be at higher risk.

Temporary Increase in Pain: Some patients might experience a brief increase in pain.

Allergic Reaction: Rarely, an allergic reaction to the medication might occur.

If you or a loved one are experiencing lower back, buttock, or leg pain, a Sacroiliac Joint Injection may be the solution. As a dedicated Pain Management Doctor, Dr. Edward Rubin is here to help you understand your options and create a tailored treatment plan.