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SI Joint Fusion

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Mellisa T.

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David R.

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Leah F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Rubin for the last two years. He is both an extremely competent pain management professional and a doctor…read more

Ann C.

I went to different doctors for the last 14 years with no success at all, and Dr. Rubin made me pain free for the first…read more

Kevin F.

What kind of pain does SI joint fusion treat?

PainTEQ treats low back pain caused by inflammation in the sacroiliac joint.

How does it work?

By fusing the sacroiliac joint it reduces friction in the joint thereby stopping painful joint irritation.

Patient Selection:

  • Pain localized over the buttocks

  • Patient has undergone and failed a minimum six months of non-operative treatment that must include medication optimization, activity modification, and active physical therapy

  • Diagnostic imaging (within the last 6 months) that includes the following: Imaging (plain radiographs and a computed tomography (CT) OR magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)) of the SI joint that excludes the presence of destructive lesions (e.g., tumor, infection) or inflammatory arthropathy that would not be properly addressed by percutaneous SIJ fusion

  • Patient needs to be positive for three out of five of the Provocative Tests.  Compression, Thigh Thrust, Gaenslen’s, Faber, Distraction.

  • Two documented SI Joint diagnostic injections with 75% relief or greater


  • A 1 inch incision – below beltline towards the affected side

  • Patients with bilateral pain will have one side done at a time.  Typically, 60-90 days apart for the opposite side.

  • Actual procedure time is anywhere between 15-30 minutes

  • An Implant made of bone (not artificial material) about the size of an almond is inserted into the joint. Bone grows around the implant and creates the fusion. There is no artificial material or screws

Key Benefits

  • No hardware or screws

  • Uses natural bone

  • Same day procedure

  • Resume activity shortly after

  • Covered by most insurance

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