Introducing Our Infusion Wellness Center

Innovative Pain Solutions For Both Body & Mind

Welcome to our newest pain management solution, our Infusion Wellness Center. We have partnered with Kalypso Wellness Center to provide our patients with the most innovative solution being offered today through the use of low dose Ketamine, for helping relieve pain in both the body and the mind.

The practice of Pain Management has made great strides in the past decade towards overcoming some of our greatest challenges. Recently, there have been success across our community in developing therapies using what are known as “low-dose Ketamine infusions,” Ketamine was developed for other purposes and is now being found to solve new problems safely and effectively. These solutions are bringing relief to those with chronic physical pain, as well many patients suffering from mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorders, OCD and PTSD.

Our Infusion Therapy Center is specializing in both Ketamine and Lidocaine low-dose infusion therapies for qualifying patients. Please read more about each below, or contact us today to schedule an appointment to see if one of our infusion therapies might be right for you.


Ketamine Infusions

A Breakthrough for a Variety of Conditions

Named one of the top 10 medical breakthroughs in 2017 by the renowned Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Rubin is now offering low-dose Ketamine infusion therapy for qualifying patients, in his recently opened Infusion Wellness Center right here on Long Island.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a medicine traditionally used as an anesthesia. Ketamine also happens to stimulate neuron growth and is a strong anti-inflammatory. Ketamine when used in small doses monitored by a physician, has been proven to help treat patients suffering from severe depression.

Low Dose Ketamine (LDK) has also been proven to help patients suffering from Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Chronic Migraines as well as PTSD. Ketamine when used in small doses, is extremely unlikely to be addictive, unlike many opioids and other prescribed medications.

Ketamine has been shown to deliver relief for a variety of symptoms.

 Chronic Pain


 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)



  To see if you’re a candidate, just call us today for a personalized evaluation.

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Ketamine Infusions for Depression:

  • Ketamine Infusions when used to treat severe depression, usually works within a matter of days. Usually, after just 1 or 2 infusions patients see improvement in their mood and concentration.
  • Ketamine Infusions are indicated in patients that have tried and failed two oral anti depressant medications.
  • Oral antidepressants tend to take many weeks to start working. Ketamine tends to have an effect much sooner than oral medications.
  • Ketamine Infusions has been shown to help patients with Severe or Chronic Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-Partum Depression (PPD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Ketamine Infusions for Chronic Pain:

  • Ketamine Infusions can help patients with Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Chronic Migraines and Neuropathic Pain.
  • Ketamine infusions can work with little as 1 to 2 infusions, where Opioids can take up to weeks or months before a patient feels relief.
  • Ketamine is unlikely to be addictive when given in small doses. Opioids have been shown to be highly dependent.
  • Your body is unlikely to build up a tolerance to the low dose ketamine infusions. Patients can build up a tolerance to opioids.

Ketamine Infusion Steps:

  • The first step is to set up an office appointment to start the screening process.
  • Infusions are done in our Infusion Therapy Center in Garden City. (see map below for directions.)
  • A specially-trained nurse (RN) will monitor you throughout the infusion

Each patient is treated in a private infusion room for their comfort and privacy.

The typical Ketamine infusion takes 1 hour to complete.

Additional Resources

Pease watch the following video from the Cleveland Clinic, which hames Ketamine treatments for Depression as one of the major medical breakthroughs of 2017.

Do you consider yourself a candidate for Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Dr. Rubin is now taking new patients for this innovative treatment.

To learn more about Ketamine Infusion Therapy and whether it’s right for you, please contact us for more information today.

Lidocaine Infusion Therapy

A new approach to chronic pain

In a continuing effort to deliver the most innovative pain treatments via infusion therapy, Dr. Rubin is now offering low-dose Lidocaine infusion therapy, delivered to qualifying patients in our recently opened Infusion Therapy Center, right here on Long Island.

What is a Lidocaine infusion?

Lidocaine is a potent pain relieving medication. Lidocaine works by calming nerve endings and slowing down the rate at which nerves are able to fire and activate. When given through an infusion, the lidocaine is delivered to receptors throughout the body, the spinal cord and the brain. As a result, the nervous system becomes less sensitive and the nerve endings quiet down to a less excitable state.

What conditions do Lidocaine infusions treat?

Lidocaine infusions have been used to treat pain due to complex regional pain syndrome, neuralgia (nerve pain), post-herpetic pain, chronic diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, vascular headaches, centralized pain, or widespread pain.

Will Lidocaine Infusions help me?

Depending on the type of pain a patient is having; some patients say they feel immediate and temporary relief of pain during the lidocaine infusion. Other patients report they have continuous relief for one to four weeks after the infusion. Lidocaine Infusions can also be repeated several times to achieve pain relief with minimal side effects. Unlike opioids, lidocaine infusions are not habit forming.

Do you consider yourself a candidate for Lidocaine Infusion Therapy?

Dr. Rubin is now taking new patients for this innovative treatment.

To learn more about Lidocaine Infusion Therapy and whether it’s right for you, please contact us for more information today.

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