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Does cold Weather affect your chronic pain?

Now that Fall is officially over and we welcome the winter seasons, our bodies can be greatly affected by this climate change. It is important in these next few months to take vitamins regularly to protect our immune systems to fight against seasonal bugs. Along with the chances of getting sick many people with chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis may start to feel more pain in their joints and bones. One theory Doctors believe to be the reason for weather affecting chronic pain is the air pressure changes, which occurs when the outside temperature drops and becomes cold. This is called barometric pressure. When Barometric pressure drops it significantly decreases the amount of pressure placed on the body which forces the tissue to expand and put pressure surrounding the joints.

Keeping the muscles warm is the key to helping your chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Some easy remedies to help keep warm during the winter season would be…


  • Heat therapy which can decreases stiffness in joints and promotes healing through increased blood circulation. Apply a hot pack, warm towel or heating pad to the painful area. Heating pads with liquid inside tend to be better for people with fibromyalgia because it does not absorb the moisture from the skin which can cause more pain. Simply doing this for 20 minutes at a time may be enough for temporary pain relief.


  • The use of over-the-counter heat wraps which are found in most grocery stores and pharmacies can be beneficial for relief to chronic pain symptoms for several hours at a time. This is also a good solution for people that need to continue with daily activates outside of the house.



  • Water therapy has been proven to be a very effective remedy for chronic pain and arthritis. You may experience pain relief by swimming in a heated indoor pool, soaking in a Jacuzzi, a warm bath or relaxing in a steam room a few times per week to help keep your muscles warm and relaxed.


  • Staying active is key to keeping the muscles warm. It can be tempting to stay in bed during cold weather, but inactivity can cause the increase of some types of pain. If you prefer to stay inside, consider getting a treadmill at home, going for short walks outside or joining a local gym to keep your body active which will keep the muscles warm.


If the upcoming winter seasons cause your chronic pain to flare up, call our office and make an appointment with Dr. Rubin today so he can help you control your pain and get you back to your active life you once had!


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