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Do you have Chronic Pain due to an Autoimmune condition or Fibromyalgia?

 Low-dose Naltrexone might be the solution for you!

    “Low-dose Naltrexone (LDN) is just an off-label use of the FDA-approved drug Naltrexone. Rather than the original 50mg daily of Naltrexone for those addicted to narcotics or alcohol, LDN is used at doses no higher than 4.5mg (nor lower than 1.5mg) and is generally taken at bedtime.

The major mechanism of action of LDN involves blocking the body’s opioid/narcotic receptors for just a few hours (rather than an all-day blockade caused by the 50mg dosage). Those are the same receptors used by the body’s endorphins. The body responds to this by increasing its endorphin production, and those higher levels last all day — far after the blockade by LDN has ended. Endorphins turn out to be the major normalizer/up-regulator of one’s immune system.

This is of critical importance to anyone who has an autoimmune disease. Published studies have demonstrated that all autoimmune disorders thus far tested are marked by weak, dysfunctional immune systems (in contrast to the common belief that they are probably too strong). This makes good sense, because the first commandment of the immune system is “Thou shalt not attack self!” Only a dysfunctional immune system attacks self. When the LDN normalizes one’s immune system, it halts the further progression of any autoimmune disease. When one takes LDN, one is regaining a normalized immune system – and it is the immune system that has such a positive effect on such a wide variety of conditions.

If you are interested and want to learn more, call our office today and set up an appointment with Dr. Rubin or visit the Naltrexone page on our website!

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